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Planning a Hens Night? Check out our top 5 tips to make sure you enjoy the planning as much as you enjoy the night out!

You’re getting married!! Not only do you get to marry the love of your life, but you’ve got a hell of an excuse to get together with your nearest and dearest friends. As we move through adult life, it can be more and more challenging to find a time to catch up (anyone else send ten thousand “We need to catch up! It’s been too long” texts?).

Getting married has so many exciting moments in the lead up to the wedding itself. The hens night can be a night you will be reminiscing about with your girlfriends for years to come or can be a source of stress you really don’t need when you are coordinating all the moving parts a wedding involves.

Check out our five tips that keep the hype high and stress levels low!

Planning a Hens Night? Check out our top 5 tips to make sure you enjoy the planning as much as you enjoy the night out! - Hens party


Your hens can be as low key as a sleep over with a few bottles of wine to a full blown Vegas style weekend away, so the budget can vary greatly! When considering the budget, try and think about your must have parts of the night (is the stripper an absolute must have?) and what you are willing to let go for the sake of sticking to the budget.

Save yourself a lot of stress by establishing the budget early on. Try and establish a budget that is realistic for your friends group, let everyone know he budget early on in the planning stages and stick to the agreed amount.

Think Options

Plan the itinerary in a way that allows for guests to leave earlier or come later, eg. “If you can’t make lunch we will be meeting at this bar at 3pm.” We all know how busy adult life gets with work, family and other commitments, providing options will allow for the most amount of your guests to attend her big day. Allowing options can provide flexibility to fit differing budgets within the group as well as cater for people who may not be able to commit to the full day/weekend.

Group Cohesion

One way to get the group cohesion happening early on is a common experience. With guests from different parts of your life (think uni friends, the work girls, the in laws, high school bestie), an activity early in the celebration is a shared experience that helps the group gel and the rest of the event flow smoothly. With the right activity to help the group bond, you’ll have the girls hyped up and your mum taking selfies with the grooms cousin from Hobart! Looking for ideas? Check out our workshop page.


Whether it’s a group chat, event page, email or text, communication is key. No one likes feeling left out or being the last to know that plans have changes or the budget has increased. Keep communication high throughout planning and plan to remind people closer to the event. While communication is important, you don’t need to consult with the group on every single aspect of the hens.


At the end of the day, despite all of the coordination, rescheduling itineraries, last minute changes and stressful group chats, you are getting together with those you love dearly to celebrate one of your biggest milestones, remember to pause, get yourself a drink and enjoy!

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