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Planning a Hens? Don’t start the group chat before reading these 3 tips!

1. Know your Hen

Is your Bride to be the kind of person who will be disappointed if there are no special pink straws at her hens night or mortified if they were thrust into her drink? Before you start planning try to think about how the bride to be would like to spend the last night out with her nearest and dearest as a Miss.

2. Know your guests

Before you go planning any get to know you games about the Bride and Grooms deepest and darkest moments. It’s wise to check if the future in laws will be attending! Make sure you know the important people the bride has chosen to have at her Hens and plan accordingly.

3. Remember to enjoy the process

Planning your closest friends last night out before she ties the knot is special. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of planning, the bride-zilla moments or the bride’s cousin who keeps changing her mind about if she can come or not! Have a planning night, a few wines, a few must do and do nots from the bride and a few laughs will remind you why you are in the bridal party in the first place and get you in the right head space to plan a special night out!

Planning a Hens? Email Raw about our planning kit, everything from game ideas to making sure everyone knows where they need to be and when!