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Hens Party Goodie Bags On A Budget

Remember leaving a 10 year old birthday party with a goodie bag to take home? Your guests will still love these! Although instead of lollies and a toy yoyo your guests may enjoy these instead* *Ok we all still enjoy the lollies..


You want your guests to wake up with killer memories not a killer hangover! Pack them some pain killers in your goodie bag.


A few mentos or some chewing gum will come in handy later in the night whether you’re getting up close and personal on the dance floor or swapping stories at the bar, keep your guests feeling fresh!

Something personal

Remember this day is about the bride, ask each guest for a fun fact about the bride as they RSVP and put one in each of the guests goodie bags! It’s a great ice breaker for guests who may not know each other well.

Emergency kit

When you’re out and about on a girls night, there is always someone who needs a bobby pin, a bandaid or a safety pin! Pack one of each in your Hens night packs to avoid slowing down the good times!
You can go all out and add perfume samples, glow sticks, tissues, make up wipes, lipsticks, the list is endless!

Speak to Raw about our brides gift pack or hens survival packs to make your celebration extra special!