Still have a few lingering questions? No problems – we’ve got you covered!
Of course, if you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

So.. We can BYO?

Yes! Our studio is equip with wine glasses and refrigeration so your guests can bring their own drinks along.

I can't draw though, I'm just not artistic!

While all of our teachers are professional artists, they want to provide you and your guests with the creative experience you want. Some of our guests enjoy getting opinions on their stick figure drawings from the model while others are getting shading tips from the artist! You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy a Raw celebration, but you will definitely feel the creative flow after our class.

Aren't art classes boring?

With male life drawing models, music pumping and plenty of time to fill up your wine class, we certainly don’t think so! Our classes are directed by the artist to include some drawing exercises, drawing games and breaks to refill your glasses and get some feedback from our male models. Each experience is different and we cater to what your group needs.

My Nan is invited but she doesn't want to draw!

The Raw studio has hosted many Grandmas, mother in laws and mother of the brides! Not all are comfortable drawing. Speak to our team about your group size, we have a lounge area with tea and coffee available for guests to still be part of the action without feeling uncomfortable! Although we have had a few Grandmas getting selfies with the model by the end of the class too!

We are travelling from out of town, where can we head after?

We are located on King St Newcastle, a short walk from many bars and restaurants. Speak to our team about what kind of night you have planned and we can point you in the right direction!

Are the models actually nude?

Yes. Life drawing is about celebrating the body! Our models are nude throughout the drawing exercises and wear an apron during the remainder of the class. We offer male and female models for our classes.

Can we take photos?

Yes! We love making memories at Raw and you are welcome to take photos of you and your friends throughout the class. Our artist will happily take photos of you and the model at the end of the class.